Understanding Sex Dreams

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What you will find in the eBook;

  • 35 different types of sex dreams and their explanation.
  • 28 worked out dream examples to sharpen your dream interpretation skills.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to effectively interpret your dreams + examples.
  • Sex symbolism in the Bible and what it means.
  • How to deal with sex dreams, and much more.

Most of us think of sex dreams as weird and demonic experiences in our sleep. However, the contrary is true. And can God speak to me through a sex dream or sex imagery in my dreams? The answer is yes. Are sex dreams demonic? The answer to that is yes and no as it depends. For you to be attacked by demonic spirits commonly known as spiritual spouses, which are marine spirits, they must first have access to your body. And where do they get that access?  Sin opens spiritual loopholes and gives the enemy a legal right of operation in your life.

Remember, most dreams speak to our current situation (that is, they reflect our current circumstances in life), and also the conditions/state of our hearts. The dream is to be taken symbolically and not literally. Understanding sex dreams answers all these questions.


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